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24,39 EUR*
Details Await Barbarians [Vinyl LP]

Alexis Taylor - Await Barbarians - LP Vinyl Album

24,98 EUR*
Details Holy Barbarian St.Louis 1959

The Holy Barbarian: St. Louis 1959

28,99 EUR*
Details Barbarian Tides: The Migration Age and the Later Roman Empire (Middle Ages)

Barbarian Tides Barbarian Tides radically subverts the grand narrative of a "Germanic" migration and reinvents the role of barbarians in the Later Roman Empire. Goffart sets out how the fragmented foreign peoples once living on the edges of the Empire ...

18,76 EUR*
Details The Roman Barbarian Wars: The Era of Roman Conquest

The Roman Barbarian Wars As Rome grew from a small city state to the mightiest empire of the west, her dominion was contested not only by the civilizations of the Mediterranean, but also by the "barbarians"-the tribal peoples of Europe. The Celtic ...

22,55 EUR*
Details The Last Barbarians: Discovery of the Source of the Mekong in Tibet

No The Last Barbarians Read a customer review or write one .

97,89 EUR*
Details The Barbarians of Ancient Europe: Realities and Interactions

The Barbarians of Ancient Europe Shows how art and archaeology can illuminate the past lives and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of ancient Europe. Full description

47,95 EUR*
Details Barbarischer Krieger Bartmütze - Beard Head Barbarian Warrior Ski

Die Krieger Bartmütze bietet sich zum Beispiel als Weihnachtsgeschenk an. Für Spaßvögel ist die Barbarian Warrior Bartmütze ein Geschenk, welches perfekt auf das Interesse der Empfänger angepasst ist und ihnen deswegen auch viel Freude bringen wird ...

17,74 EUR*
Details Barbarians of the Wasteland

Heavy Metal from Portugal1. Barbarians of the Wasteland 04:35  2. Ride for Revenge 04:16  3. Ride till We Die 04:36  4. Wild Pack of Dogs 04:59  5. Somewhere Up in the Mountains (Marquis de Sade cover) 04:42  6. Castle of the Witch 06:05  7. Rock 'n' ...

12,80 EUR*
Details Barbarians to Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered

Barbarians to Angels Offers a look at the least-appreciated period of European history - the Dark Ages. This title surveys the archaeological record to demonstrate that the Dark Ages are not dark at all. Full description